Murano Collection

Rosa Moceniga

Eau de Parfum 50ml / 100ml

The Mocenigo Rose is an old rose that came long ago to Europe from the plains of Central China. Now it grows wild in the Venetian countryside, but the silvery pink petals and its fruit-scented fragrance still evoke a rich and exotic lands in faraway places.
A Rose coming from China that adopted the name of an old Venetian family; the Mocenigo family, that still owns a historic residence in Alvisopoli. For the past 200 years, this residence has boasted an exquisite rose garden, the contents of which were originally imported from France by Lucia Mocenigo, due in no small part to her close friendship with Joséphine Bonaparte, a noted lover of this kind of flower.
The top notes immediately seduce with Sicilian fresh lime and the tender essence of Mocenigo Rose; delicately brightened by blackcurrant leaves. The lush flower bouquet presented in the heart is led by a luxuriant Rose absolute, highlighted by fresh spring Magnolia and the transparent pink lotus flower. Carefully embedded in the soft and sensual base notes the rose is the crowning glory of this fragrance: comforting musk, white Cedar wood, and Vanilla absolute are sprinkled with amber crystal to provide a base dedicated to the majesty of the rose.


Murano Collection
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